Lindenhurst Man Indicted For Fatally Stabbing His Wife In Front of Teenaged Son; Led Police on Seven Mile Chase After Alleged Incident

Wioleta Murawski, was rushed to Good Samaritan University Hospital in West Islip, where she was pronounced dead. At just 38, her life was cruelly cut short, leaving behind two sons and a void that will never be filled. Photo:

LINDENHURST, NY – New revelations are casting a terrifying light on the horrific moments that unraveled in the calm serenity of a Long Island home, forever impacting the life of a young teenager. Ryszard Murawski, age 44, from Lindenhurst, now faces indictment on murder and related charges in the Suffolk County Court. His charges stem from the gruesome death of his wife, Wioleta Murawski, in an act of abhorrent violence that has shocked the community and left their teenage son witnessing a nightmare.

On a dreary winter night on January 3, emergency responders received an urgent distress call from the couple’s residence on South 14th Street. The call was placed by their 15-year-old son who in his utter despair and fear, pleaded with the 911 operator for help as his mother was being stabbed by his father.

Echoes of his mother’s screams led the young teen to the chilling scene in their backyard upon returning from a friend’s house. He found himself witnessing the horrendous spectacle of his mother being stabbed by his father with a large serrated knife. Displaying exemplary bravery, the young teenager jumped on his father, and in a desperate attempt to save his mother, struggling to snatch the knife. Mrs. Murawski managed to break free from her assailant but not without severe injuries. Mortally wounded, she stumbled across the street before collapsing helplessly.

She was rushed to Good Samaritan University Hospital in West Islip, where she was pronounced dead. At just 38, her life was cruelly cut short, leaving behind two sons and a void that will never be filled.

Following this horrifying incident, Ryszard Murawski attempted to escape, igniting an intense chase as he fled in a GMC pickup truck, only to lose control and crash into a building near New York and West Hoffman avenues after a seven-mile pursuit.

Investigations are underway, with the shocking event captured on home surveillance footage and the recovery of the blood-soaked knife allegedly used in the attack. Prosecutors have revealed that Mrs. Murawski had sought a protection order against her husband just a week prior to her death, a chilling testament to the escalating domestic turmoil.

“The sheer horror that young man must have felt to witness his mother being attacked is unfathomable,” Suffolk County District Attorney Raymond Tierney expressed, further emphasizing the compounded horror of Mrs. Murawski’s death due to the cruel reality that her son witnessed the attack. He assured that the defendant would be held accountable for his actions.

In court, Murawski was charged with second-degree murder and aggravated criminal contempt, both felonies. He was taken into custody without bail and is due back in court on Feb. 7.

In the wake of this tragedy, friends and relatives mourn the loss of Wioleta Murawski, remembering her as a dedicated mother and friend who touched many lives. A GoFundMe campaign to support her sons, provide for mental health treatment, and transport her remains back to her native Poland, stands as a testimony to her lifelong dedication and spirit. As Magdalena Kowalewska, a close friend of Mrs. Murawski shared, “Wioleta dedicated her life to raising her sons and giving them a brighter future,” she further added, “She was an amazing friend who always helped without expecting anything in return.”

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Important: This story is categorized as a crime story and thus it is important to note that charges are accusations and defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
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