Tech Firm’s Expansion Into Lower Manhattan to Create Hundreds of New Jobs; Unlock $29 Million Investment

Kathy Hochul
Governor Kathy Hochul announced that San Francisco-based workforce management platform, Rippling, is expanding its operations in the city. File photo: Lev Radin,, licensed.

NEW YORK, NY – An important milestone in the evolution of the tech industry in New York City has been made as Governor Kathy Hochul proclaimed San Francisco-based workforce management platform, Rippling, is expanding its operations in the city. This monumental threefold expansion accommodates for the creation of around 390 new jobs, unlocking a $29 million investment geared towards New York-based research and development over the next decade.

This innovative company plans to occupy 69,000 square feet on the 59th and 60th floors of the iconic 4 World Trade Center, tapping into the diverse pool of talent within New York City’s exceptional workforce. The city’s leadership in the tech and innovation economy benefits Rippling in fueling further growth, backed by sizeable investments in research and development.

Governor Hochul, matching strides with the rapidly evolving landscape of modern business, is devoted to attracting innovative companies like Rippling to fortify New York State’s economic blueprint, solidifying its role as a crucial player in the tech landscape of the 21st century. “New York is investing in innovative businesses like Rippling that are driving growth in new industries, creating good jobs for New Yorkers, and securing the economic future for our state,” Governor Hochul stated, adding that Rippling’s approach and sustained commitment to New York exemplifies the fruitfulness of her administration’s endeavors.

Founded in 2016, Rippling stands as an impressive symbol of business efficiency. Their inventive platform integrates human resources, information technology, and finance on a unified platform suitable for small businesses all the way up to large corporations. The streamlined approach of centralizing employee management into a single system permits swift onboarding, transparent management, and efficient workforce control.

The company’s expansion dovetails perfectly with Governor Hochul’s State of the State proposal, aimed to position New York at the frontlines of the artificial intelligence transformation. In this context, the governor unveiled plans for the creation of Empire AI, a consortium penned to develop a state-of-the-art AI computing center in Upstate New York in an effort to catalyze responsible research, development, employment, and capitalize on AI opportunities geared towards public interest.

Governor Hochul’s robust stance towards innovation and business growth doesn’t end there. Recent partnerships and investments announced by her indicate a determined will to foster next-generation businesses statewide. Among these, investments amounting to $100 billion from Micron to build a megafab near Syracuse and North America’s first public High NA EUV Lithography Center at the Albany Nanotech Complex stand out prominently.

Moreover, advancements in life sciences, including two new Cell and Gene Therapy Hubs in Buffalo and Long Island, alongside the state’s $50 million preclinical drug discovery Lab of the Future, accentuate New York State’s competitive edge in biotechnology. Furthermore, projects across the state such as those with OWL AI, TTM Technologies, JMA Wireless, and SeeQC are stepping stones steering New York State towards becoming a globally recognized tech hub.

With Rippling’s expansion and the numerous strategic decisions made by Governor Hochul, New York City is poised to be a dominant player in innovation economy, creating immense job opportunities within the Empire State. These well-orchestrated steps not only promise tremendous economic growth but also contribute to the making of a brighter tomorrow for the New Yorkers. It is exciting to see what the future holds with this potential revolutionizing the world of workforce management.

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