Home News Politics Who won the debate? A round-by-round analysis of Clinton v Trump

Who won the debate? A round-by-round analysis of Clinton v Trump

Who won the debate? A round-by-round analysis of Clinton v Trump

The very first dispute of the 2016 project was divided by NBC into 3 areas. Sabrina Siddiqui and Ben Jacobs examine who won each of them

Round one: Achieving Prosperity


Hillary Clinton focused early on policy, setting out a financial program that required lowering earnings inequality by raising the base pay, closing the gender pay space and getting rid of business tax loopholes. She did not miss out on the chance to go after Donald Trump for being the very first major-party candidate in more than 40 years to decline to launch his tax returns.

The Republican prospect handled to put his Democratic competitor on the defensive on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, requiring her to describe why she came out versus the landmark 12-nation trade contract in 2015 after formerly supporting it. Clinton was able to get rid of the concern in part since Trump consistently yelled over her efforts to address it putting the focus rather on his aggressive posture. SS


Donald Trump was greatest early in the dispute, when he struck familiar talking points on trade and put Clinton on the back foot, needing to safeguard her flip-flop on TPP and the questionable tradition of Nafta, the open market arrangement signed by her partner that lots of in the commercial midwest feel has actually cost producing tasks. An off-key rehearsed line from a stilted Clinton about Trumped-up drip down economics represented a quick window into exactly what the dispute may have been like if Trump had actually had the ability to imitate a typical prospect for more than 10 minutes .

But the Republican candidate took Clintons bait and played defense on individual attacks nearly right away. After Clinton stated: He began his service with $14m, obtained from his daddy, Trump right away reacted, instead of turn the focus back on to trade, maybe his greatest concern. BJ

Round 2: Americas Direction

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