Home News Three Beluga Whales are searching for food in Long Island Sound

Three Beluga Whales are searching for food in Long Island Sound

Three Beluga Whales are searching for food in Long Island Sound


http://usfinancepost.com/three-beluga-whales-are-searching-for-food-in-long-island-sound-25152.htmlBoaters spotted three juvenile white beluga whales on Friday morning in Manhasset Bay, near Port Washington. They came so close to the shore that dock builders and other people saw them breaking through the waters from the dock! According to authorities, the three adorable Beluga whales were sighted in Narragansett Bay off Warwick earlier this month and during their way south they are now visiting Long Islands shores probably for the first time.

The appearance of Beluga whales in this region is very rare, because they aren’t native species.

Researchers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration report that these young mammals originally came from the St Lawrence River in Canada, which is 940 miles away.

They had tracked one of them there nearly two years ago.

It is a long way to turn around, it could take them as long as two months to swim back, NOAA biologist Jamison Smith told Rhode Island Public Radio.

Scientists believe that they moved away from their natural habitat to find food.

They assume they are young, because they are all shorter than 8 feet in length, when adult whales typically are 13-20 feet long.


A team from the Mystic Aquarium consisting of biologists, veterinarians and animal rescuers has been monitoring the whales since a video footage was posted to Facebook showing their appearance.

“They’re white which makes them very easy to spot when they’re in the wild,” said Janelle Schuh, the Stranding Coordinator of Mystic Aquarium. Via usfinancepost.com


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