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The Dirtbike Bail of Doom: Fails of the Week (April 2018) | FailArmy


We have a brand new compilation chock full of the most painfully funny fails of the week! We have a heart pounding motorbike fail, an unfortunate karaoke incident, plus we attempt to keep you on your toes! Submit your videos to FailArmy.com

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Mom Pranks Son With Fake Broken Tablet https://goo.gl/Yr4bJF
Guy Faceplants After Attempting to Dunk off Friend’s Back https://goo.gl/MtJUWh
Twins Play in Mud https://goo.gl/uGv2B5
Dirtbiker Sprays Friends With Sand https://goo.gl/WsaVwj
Guy Runs Across Thin Ice https://goo.gl/iwg5mZ
Guy Tries to Ride Moped up Truck Ramp https://goo.gl/kV3hmL
Mountain Bikers Struggle Riding Across Rocky Path https://goo.gl/xi62w4
Man Tries to Pop Open Champagne Bottle with Sword https://goo.gl/sto6JG
Girl Playing Guitar Falls into River https://goo.gl/Gjjcc4
Woman Snaps Tree Branch While Performing Acrobatics https://goo.gl/xBwQRq
Dog Chews Large Hole in Wall https://goo.gl/skWyJV
Guys on Treadmills Dribble Soccer Ball Between Each Other https://goo.gl/PHa2vP
Girl Pulls Pizza out of Oven and Drops It https://goo.gl/Qw7wMj
Dog Eats Expensive Leather Couch https://goo.gl/3VT5i3
Dog Breaks a Piñata https://goo.gl/7Kekgt
Girl Falls While Walking Down Icy Stairs https://goo.gl/U5G5u9
Racers Fall on Faces After Flying Over Gate https://goo.gl/NFmGTz
Little Boy Hits Dad in Face With Baseball https://goo.gl/h4qoF2
Cat Pulls Speaker Bar off Shelf https://goo.gl/vC3ZuF
Costumed Teen Punches Ceiling https://goo.gl/r6v6ei
Guy Loses Ice Pick in Crevasse https://goo.gl/hDicwV
Kids Try to Ride Cardboard Box Down Staircase https://goo.gl/DMc4ep
Kid Hits Father’s Groin With Baseball https://goo.gl/WhjQEW
Skier Collides Directly With Ski Lift https://goo.gl/PjzCZd
Artist Sculpts Corgi out of Clay https://goo.gl/4X1QB1
Birthday Candles Light Girl’s Hair on Fire https://goo.gl/BCTfdp
Freestyle Skier Performs Flips off Large Jumps https://goo.gl/ZxbURw
Guy Crashes Motorbike in Sand and Flips Over Handlebars https://goo.gl/FeM3Ma
Guy Crashes Snowmobile Into Tree https://goo.gl/vKysGd
Horse and Rider Jump Into Deceptively Deep Pool of Water https://goo.gl/ibm6vT
Guy Can’t Swing on Rope https://goo.gl/ZLYDxZ
Car Intentionally Swerves Into Motorcyclist https://goo.gl/zV4VxQ
Motorcyclist Involved in Pileup After Car Runs Red Light https://goo.gl/HWE4mB
Kid Falls on Face After Attempting One-Armed Push Up https://goo.gl/NK7wYp
Girl Breaks Toilet After Standing on It https://goo.gl/LGgLRx
Grandma Interrupts Performer’s Video by Picking Up Camera https://goo.gl/uxhEXH
Guy Knocks off Skis on Ramp While Performing Backflip https://goo.gl/k1uqMZ
Guy Falls After Pull up Bar Breaks https://goo.gl/w9NmMt
Guy Crashes Snowmobile Into Snowbank and Falls in Stream https://goo.gl/EyfQTa
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  1. Ah yes, some sick fuck tries to deliberately run off a biker… What a “fail” that is..

  2. you guys need to find a Retards that Sag their Pants and fail video. I love laughing at those idiots.

  3. Fail army sort your shit out who the fuck named this video sack your video editor

  4. 1:15, that Katana can’t have been very sharp, especially the way he grabs it! 8-)))))))) ROTFLMFAO!!!!