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May making new enemies, not finding fans

May making new enemies, not finding fans
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Image caption Theresa May is convening with MPs to attempt to win their support over her offer

This is not – I duplicate NOT – a re-run of the referendum.

Theresa May will never ever persuade perfectionists on either side of the Brexit dispute that they are incorrect to think it’s ideal to leave, or heresy to argue to remain.

What she requires to do is get enough of her coworkers to accept they can’t have whatever they prefer, however that there suffices in her compromise to state yes to a plan that satisfies the Tories’ political pledges.

So far, nevertheless, her arguments do not appear to be holding much sway. The tally of Tory MPs who’ve stated they’re ready to vote versus is increasing – regardless of whether the general public disregards the circus or dislikes.

With less than a week to go, regardless of the prime minister’s personal conferences with lots of backbenchers, they are not emerging persuaded.

If anything, her compromise appears to be making brand-new opponents, not discovering brand-new fans.

And fresh from a trio of beats, Mrs May appears to be arguing the case with decreasing authority.

A tentative hunt for modifications that might peel rebels away appears unsuccessful up until now.

Just when the prime minister requires trust, goodwill and regard, it remains in extremely brief supply.

One senior Tory informed me: “She does not listen to anybody, so why must we.”

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