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GOP: Actually There Are Lots Of Women In The White House, Like Our Wives

GOP: Actually There Are Lots Of Women In The White House, Like Our Wives

In honor of Women’ s History Month, the Republican National Committee’ s Instagram account is setting the record directly about the variety of ladies in the Trump administration.

How could we potentially be among the most male-dominated administrations in current history? the GOP appeared to ask in its Friday post . Simply look at all our children and spouses.

The RNC was currently called out for a comparable remark previously today, when it tweeted that President Donald Trump “ has selected more females to senior-level positions than previous administrations.

That tweet was rapidly unmasked thanks to a Brookings Institute report from last May, which discovered that, while Trump is approximately on par with the George W. Bush administration as far as females in top-level positions are worried, he stays considerably behind both the Clinton and Obama administrations.

But a minimum of inning accordance with the GOP, it appears we ’ ve been counting incorrect this whole time. In a post most likely indicated to explain the lots of ladies Trump has actually designated to senior-level federal government and project positions, the GOP chose to consist of both the very first and 2nd woman along with Trump ’ s own child, Ivanka. Which is to state, a quarter of the ladies the GOP had the ability to summon up exist by virtue of either marital relationship or birth.

The initial Instagram post checked out, “ Contrary to traditional belief, President Trump has actually selected more ladies to senior-level federal government and project positions than previous administrations. He ’ s empowering ALL Americans with his winning program. Have a look at a few of these leading girls. ”

And here are a few of those leading girls now:


The initial Instagram story has actually ended, however the GOP was so happy with our president the ally that they likewise made it into the post you see listed below.

A post shared by GOP (@gop) on Mar 9, 2018 at 9:21 am PST

Congratulations to Donald Trump, a male so devoted to advancing the professions of ladies that he’ s not just wed to one, however he assisted make one. Thank you, sir, for your service.


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