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Game of Thrones recap: season seven, episode one Dragonstone

Game of Thrones recap: season seven, episode one Dragonstone

Among the one-liners, the creepy minutes and the Ed Sheeran cameo, an exposition-heavy opener completely established concerns for this season to respond to

Spoiler alert: this blog site is released after Game of Thrones airs on HBO in the United States on Sunday night and on Foxtel in Australia on Monday. Do not check out unless you have actually viewed season 7, episode one, which airs in the UK on Sky Atlantic on Monday at 9pm, and is duplicated in Australia on Showcase on Monday at 7.30 pm AEST.

When I was Lord Commander of the Nights Watch I performed males who betrayed me. I will not penalize guys for their daddies sins and I will not take a households house from them.

Hello and welcome back everybody. How you felt about tonights opening episode, which was mostly interested in power and the best ways to wield it, will most likely depend upon your tolerance for big portions of exposition. In general, I was OKAY with the odd cumbersome scene: at this phase in the video game, there are a great deal of pieces to manoeuvre into location and, by episodes end, things were well established for the season.

In Winterfell, Jon and Sansa clashed over their really various ideas of the best ways to handle the previous treachery of the Karstarks and Umbers. Jons case that you do not penalize the kids and children for the sins of the daddy was the more certainly relatable, and he was right too that the North has to persevere together in the face of a far higher opponent than the Lannisters. Sansa, schooled by a harsher instructor, likewise had a point, challenging though it maybe is to acknowledge: if you do not cut the root out then the branch will once again thrive and exactly what occurs when the buds of that branch show up, as Arya Stark did with the Freys, to choke your life away?

 Kit Kit Harington as Jon Snow. Picture: Helen Sloan/HBO

Its worth keeping in mind, nevertheless, that Cersei hasn’t rather handled to put the lessons she so assiduously taught Sansa into practice. Yes, shes eliminated the majority of the Tyrells however Olenna, the most harmful, is still standing. In the south the Sand Snakes prowl, no doubt practicing their sub-Lorca necromancies , while Sansa and Jon are constructing an army in the North, and Dany and co have actually arrived on Dragonstone. Has Cersei won the fight however not the war? Or will a possible alliance with the clearly unreliable Euron suffice to conserve the day?

As for Dany, who has actually up until now governed with a mix of Jons empathy and Cerseis ruthlessness a 3rd method , if you will (sorry) she arrived at Dragonstone for a psychological homecoming, having actually likewise put in the time to package out her attacking army in some rather swish brand-new clothing. Anybody whos anybody in Westeros is using black this season.

Do you think me now Clegane? Do you think that were here for a factor?

For all the power of its more legendary minutes, Game of Thrones is usually at its finest when it requires time with its characters, enabling us to see them in brand-new methods. Hence the nights finest scene came in between 3 of the characters we understand least: Sandor Clegane, Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr, as they beinged in the destroyed home of the now dead farmer who the Hound and Arya came across back in season 4.

Switching in between dark humour Its simply my fucking luck I wind up with a lot of fire worshippers and touching minutes (Sandors choice to bury the male and his child), the scene likewise provided us some fascinating brand-new info: Sandor, the male scarred by and frightened of fire, can check out the patterns in it.

The minute when he explained the Night Kings army marching north was a truly creepy one, and Rory McCann offered it well. Heres hoping he and the Brotherhood without Banners meet Jon in the North quickly.

In the Citadel we live various lives for various factors. We are this lifes memory.

If Sandor was hectic finding that often the most not likely things end up being real, bad Sam was going through among those my dream task v the truth minutes. Oh Sam, I comprehend: there you were imagining waltzing into the Citadel like a dominating hero, accessing to all the books you may require, and rather you discover yourself operating in an especially undesirable care house with the odd autopsy included. Weve all existed.

After investing far too long moving shit and stew in some dreadful motion picture Im lured to call Bedpans and Soup-sick, Sam lastly split and took the secrets to the prohibited library. To which I state, hurrah its all extremely well to have Jim Broadbents Archmaester properly worrying the significance of history, discovering and memory, however exactly what great is keeping in mind the previous if you do not utilize it to prevent threat in the future?

Additional notes

Emilia Anyone whos anybody in Westeros is using black this season: Emilia Clarke as Daenerys and
  • Jacob Anderson as Grey Worm. Photo: HBO Its a step of how really weird Arya has actually ended up being that I truly anticipated her to eliminate all the soldiers, after theyd kindly shared their meat and blackberry wine. That stated, I wasnt completely sure about that scene and not simply
  • due to the fact that it included Ed Sheeran, who I have yet to forgive for causing Galway Girl on my home. While I liked the pointer that numerous soldiers are simply common guys far from house, the discussion was at its most heavy-handed. The line about taking a household house from Jon had a charming echo in the scene with Sandor it was The Hounds theft of the farmers cash, over Aryas protestations, that resulted in their terrible deaths. A truth he acknowledged in digging the tomb. Did David Benioff and DB Weiss have some sort of bet with each other about the number of times they could squeeze the word cunt into an hour? Mentioning discussion, this
  • was an especially quip-heavy episode, from Sandors talk about Thoross leading knot to Sansas enjoyably sharp putdown of Littlefinger(No have to have latest thing Lord Baelish, Ill presume it was something creative.)Exactly what do we believe Eurons assured present is? There is a fascinating possibility from the books ( see here , for those who do not mind spoilers), however its similarly possible that he plans to bring her Danys head.
  • I cant be the only one who was unfortunate that Arya was visiting Kings Landing to eliminate Cersei, instead of Winterfell for a reunion.
  • Please inform me I wasnt the only individual believing I wouldnt run my fingers along that, Dany, about Stanniss table of previous intrusion strategies and wild enchantress sex.
  • I like Briennes face of excellent contempt whenever Tormund remains in the area.
  • Im pleased Edd took Bran and Meera into Castle Black, although likewise a little concerned for the Nights Watch considered that Bran is essentially a human tracking gadget for the Night King.
  • When Sansa and Jon were arguing stated whatever, the quick cut to Davoss face. Pay attention to Davos, individuals hes most likely the only individual on this whole program with any sense.
  • Whose weird hand got Sam right before completion? An old maester, or something more ominous?
  • Violence count

    Ben Ben Crompton as Dolorous Edd in Game of Thrones. Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO

    A remarkably unbloody begin to the season saw just one genuine act of violence (2 if you count Briennes knocking of Pod into the snow). That stated it was an especially excellent one, as Arya put on Walder Freys deal with to make sure that each and every single member of the Frey household was erased root and branch. I in some way believe that she and Sansa may have rather a great deal of commonalities, when (if) they lastly reunite.

    Random Brit of the week

    Sorry Ed Sheeran, however this can just go to the terrific Jim Broadbent who showed up to give knowledge to Sam prior to frustratingly contradicting that The Wall might in fact fall.

    So exactly what did you believe? Will Jon and Sansa handle to jeopardize? Can Cersei potentially remain on the Iron Throne? And have you ever worked as bad as Sams? As ever, all speculation and no spoilers are welcome listed below …

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