Home News Politics FBI special agent says he’s leaving over political attacks against the bureau

FBI special agent says he’s leaving over political attacks against the bureau

FBI special agent says he’s leaving over political attacks against the bureau

Washington (CNN)An FBI unique representative states he’s kipped down his badge so he can openly voice his issues over the politicization of the bureau by Republicans in Congress and the Trump administration.

The op-ed comes amidst Republicans’ increased examination of the Justice Department and the FBI for their handling of the Russia examination.
Campbell’s piece was released Friday, the very same day the Trump administration released an intelligence memo assembled by House Intelligence Committee Republicans that declares FBI and Justice Department abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The memo implicates the FBI of poorly utilizing details spent for in part by Hillary Clinton’s project to acquire a FISA warrant for Trump project diplomacy consultant Carter Page.
      James Comey on Nunes memo: That’s it?
    The FBI stated in a declaration prior to the memo’s publication that it had “severe issues” about the memo’s precision.
    President Donald Trump has stated the memo “ absolutely vindicates ” him in the Russia probe.
    Campbell stated he thinks “political operatives are weaponizing their argument” with the Russia examination “in a quote to weaken the trustworthiness of the whole organization” of the FBI, which might stain the general public assistance of federal police for many years to come.
    “The presumption amongst shocked and baffled FBI staff members is that the attacks are suggested to soften the blow ought to the examination by Mr. Mueller, the unique counsel, result in added fees. These kinds of attacks by effective individuals go beyond simple criticism — they might ruin the organization,” Campbell composed.
    Campbell acted as an unique assistant to previous FBI Director James Comey, who Trump fired in 2015.
    Comey dismissed any significance to the memo when it was released, and on Friday tweeted that Campbell “will be missed out on at the FBI, however his voice is an essential addition to the nationwide discussion.”

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