Home News Politics Did Rex Tillerson Call Trump A Moron? And Does It Matter?

Did Rex Tillerson Call Trump A Moron? And Does It Matter?

Did Rex Tillerson Call Trump A Moron? And Does It Matter?

Should we appreciate whether Rex Tillerson called Trump a “fucking idiot?” No. Has that ever stopped us prior to? Twitter and report are flush with contrasting reports about this exceptionally concern. Did Rex call Trump an idiot? Did he call him a “fucking” idiot? He hasn’t rejected it– so does that make it real? Does any of this matter? Exactly what are we even doing? Are all of us simply specks tossing through area on a huge rock??

This special occasion has actually caused declarations like, “CNN has now likewise validated Tillerson called Trump a ‘idiot,'” and “State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert on Oct. 4 refuted a report that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called President Trump a ‘idiot.'” There are no reports yet on whether Tillerson called Trump a “nasty ho-bag” and got mad after Trump took his date to the senior prom.

I desire everybody to breathe and truly take a look at this circumstance. Whether Tillerson called exceed a “fucking idiot,” we’re all still going to pass away ultimately. We have a limited quantity of time on this earth. We are flames rapidly taking a trip down the necks of matches. Do we wish to invest our brief, sweet time, questioning exactly what possible insults were burped from the intense jowls of Rex Tillerson? Due to the fact that remember this: every minute you invest considering Tillerson’s jowls, is a minute you might invest not believing about Tillerson’s jowls.

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