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Trump’s offer of temporary protection for immigrants to end shutdown is a ‘non-starter,’ say Democrats

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump on Saturday released a brand-new strategy to end the federal government shutdown, using short-term security from deportations for some undocumented immigrants in exchange for $5.7 billion in wall financing. (2) LongIslandBuzz.com NO MONEY - GREAT DISCOUNTS Get up to 90% off many Long Island Businesses just by going to the website […]

Donald Trump Jr. trolls BuzzFeed following Mueller team’s report dispute: ‘Hahahahaha’

Donald Trump Jr. responded on Twitter Friday night after Special Counsel Robert Mueller’ s workplace launched a declaration contesting a BuzzFeed News report that declared the president directed Michael Cohen to lie about the timing of conversations over a proposed Trump Tower task in Moscow. (Getty/File) MUELLER TEAM DISPUTES BUZZFEED REPORT CLAIMING TRUMP TOLD COHEN […]

The government is not shut down. It’s just not paying people.

(CNN)Tens of countless federal government employees are going back to work. They’re simply not being paid. CoreCivic is a significant professional for the Justice Department that carries out vital tasks associated with jails and prisoners and holds numerous countless dollars worth of shutdowns, stated they will continue to satisfy responsibilities, both to the federal government […]

How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thrives in the same political landscape as Donald Trump

(CNN)At very first glimpse, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has no in typical with President Donald Trump. Yes, they are really, really various from a background, ethnic culture and political ideology viewpoint. In the method they develop of politics– and the method they practice it– there are lots more resemblances than either one would likely confess. He made […]