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Best Fails of the Week: Watch It Drones! (May 2018) | FailArmy


We’ve got an ALL NEW best fails of the week for you, and this batch is awesome. We’ve got teeth falling out, funny kids, and a hilarious drone fail! Have a favorite? Let us know in the comments below. Later!

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Guy Playing With Dogs in Cascade Falls and Slides Down Rocks https://goo.gl/ZWVhBj
Dart Thrown at Guy’s Finger https://goo.gl/1x1VBV
Guy Faceplants While Dancing at the Club https://goo.gl/r8bgHV
Man Falls While Delivering Cake https://goo.gl/36fqhH
Guy Fails to Backflip at the Gym https://goo.gl/9CLQbd
Dad Accidentally Hits Young Son in Face With Football https://goo.gl/qrDLV4
Girl Slips on Icy Driveway and Slides Into Hood of Friend’s Car https://goo.gl/CcMefd
Little Boy Falls of Spiral Pole https://goo.gl/3DGUgq
Firefighter Slips on Ice and Loses Control of Hose https://goo.gl/2hKKwp
Mountain Biker Tries to Ride Down Steep Mountain https://goo.gl/wL6NtZ
Guy Hits Himself in Head With Nunchucks https://goo.gl/B2tHC9
Hot Air Balloon Crashes Into Glass Fence https://goo.gl/KEsmmk
Guy Jumps into Broken Fire Hydrant https://goo.gl/FT2c9X
Silo Collapses on Library https://goo.gl/QJRVLg
Guy Opening Wine With Blow Torch Explodes Bottle https://goo.gl/xRS9KG
Man Fails to Jump Over a Roadblock https://goo.gl/eAyXu4
Bride and Groom Stumble Over Rock at the Beach https://goo.gl/w4w9v2
Guy Afraid of Hights Freaks Out in Chairlift https://goo.gl/MnTHVX
Woman Freaks Out After Fake Butterfly flies out of card https://goo.gl/3uo6et
Bald Guy Falls Through Icy Surface of Swimming Pool https://goo.gl/8b5dSc
Cat Knocks Drone out of Air https://goo.gl/nyC3yT
Car Drives Down Street With Hood Up https://goo.gl/3LRxrf
Bird Flies Into Glass Window https://goo.gl/HnhXb7
Guy Falls Down and Faceplants Into Wheel of Tractor https://goo.gl/i59Gwo
Hot Air Balloon Crashes Into Building After Takeoff https://goo.gl/HM8R9F

Best Fails of the Week: Watch It Drones! (May 2018) | FailArmy
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  1. 0:48 мужик правильно воспитывает сына
    тhe man

  2. that dude in thise air balloons needs to learn a few more things. Can’t seem to keep them from hitting stuff haha

  3. Damn. If the kid at 1:00 was my kid I’d be damn proud. He sucked it up and turned right back around. What a guy

  4. 4:17 А че как разговаривать – так по-испански, а как материться – так по-русски???

  5. 5:11: is Vic, a town of Catalonia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Freedom political prisoners !!!!!!!!!!!