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Best Fails of the Week: T-Rex Can Shred! (February 2018 | FailArmy


It’s the end of another week, which means we have your best fails of the week. We’ve got monster’s framing kids, T-Rex shredding the mountain, and a hilarious VR reaction. How funny was that badminton fail? They were never friends again (JK!).

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Guy Spins on Pole and Breaks It https://goo.gl/sXQwwv
Dancer Loses Balance and Slams Floor https://goo.gl/zs7wqc
Girl Knocks Toddler Down with Swing
Great Dane Tackles Person Sledding in T-Rex Costume https://goo.gl/KSnrcP
Girl Eats Dog Biscuit https://goo.gl/fLj3oB
Mountain Biker Tips Over on Rocks https://goo.gl/WFF7RE
Guy Feeding Llama Gets Sneezed On
Kid Kicks Soccer Ball Into Light Fixture
Toddler Hits Head and Falls Backward off Toy Car
Girl Falls While Cross-Country Skiing https://goo.gl/ebNBYZ
Girl Falls off Skateboard While Going Down Ramp
Skateboarder Falls on Stomach While Attempting Kickflip
Guy Freaks out Playing Virtual Reality Game
UTV Flips During Race
Guy Scares Woman with Fake Mouse
Toddler Blames Monster for Paint on Bathroom Wall
Dad Smashes Girl’s Head Into Light Fixture While Dancing https://goo.gl/1jqmRV
Power Goes out During Woman’s Workout https://goo.gl/Eb8MBX
Guy Hits Friend with Badminton Racket https://goo.gl/LCBir3
Dog Falls in Pool While Trying to Retrieve Ball
Guy Crashes to Floor After Gymnastics Rings Break https://goo.gl/UMouBC
Guy Crashes Into Trampoline During Group Dunk https://goo.gl/zo6GzT
Woman Slides Down Slippery Rock Incline https://goo.gl/vbA8NX
Kid Faceplants While Sandboarding https://goo.gl/cK1JWB
Pug Falls off Pool Float https://goo.gl/69DH2T
Guy Faceplants While Rail Grinding on Frozen Lake https://goo.gl/EEZZbc
Wakeboarder Fails Grind and Drags Stomach on Rail https://goo.gl/wF3HW1
Kid Faceplants Road After Jumping off Tree Stump https://goo.gl/WDTC6y
Guy Uses Pressurized Tube to Blow Water out of Drain Sump https://goo.gl/AhnNBW
Guy on BMX Performs Creative Stunts https://goo.gl/H6LNDX
Guy Tries to Pop Champagne Bottle Open with Saber
Guy Doing Wheelie on Motor Scooter Smashes Side of Garage
Guy Hit in Face With Basketball
Skier Faceplants While Attempting Small Jump
Little Boy Faceplants While Backflipping Into Foam Pit
Guy Wrecks Motorcycle Attempting Wheelie
Guy Fails to Backflip off Boat https://goo.gl/CZeJdL
Woman Hits and Breaks Light with Yoga Ball
Woman Falls on Ice While Curling https://goo.gl/pM5Zat
Guy Falls in Water During Selfie Attempt https://goo.gl/UjJFjC

Best Fails of the Week: T-Rex Can Shred! (February 2018 | FailArmy


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  1. Has anybody ever seen somebody or a video of sombody where opening a bottle with a sword/big knife actualy worked?

  2. WTF is this thing with the knife and the bottles? I have never seen anyone doing this besides of in fail videos.

  3. I would not be surprised if you told me that my Grandma chose the clips for this video.

  4. boy ad hotel drunk load guess closed representative bear both Mrs platform.

  5. At 4:57 one of my best friends fell off the side of a water fall because he couldn’t get any friction on the mossy rocks lol.

    She grabbed her chest,looking like she low-key is about to have an attack!

  7. That kid at 4:40 has a serious worms infestation. Check out his swollen belly.