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5 Crazy Scenarios You Didn’t Know The Constitution Allows

5 Crazy Scenarios You Didn’t Know The Constitution Allows

It’s difficult to envision that there are any interesting surprises hiding in the United States Constitution. It may be the structure of our democracy and the foundation of our nation, however it’s not precisely a page-turner. While political leaders on both sides like to cherry-pick modifications to price estimate from to serve their functions, they regularly handle to leave out the wildest, juiciest, and downright insane parts that might alter the nation as we understand it in a heart beat. …


“Godel’s Loophole” Could Allow America To Become A Dictatorship (If We Could Find It)

Despite our contrasting political views, many of us most likely concur that it’s an excellent thing we’re not in a real dictatorship with, like, executions and non-hashtag resistance forces and individuals ratting their next-door neighbors out to the authorities. The Founding Fathers made damn sure that the Constitution would avoid Americans from ever needing to live under the yoke of some asshole king. Other than, if you think among the best minds of the 20th century, it might absolutely still take place .

In the 1940s, a great deal of scholars and other expert thinking types left light Nazi disturbance by moving from Europe to the United States Among the refugees was Kurt Godel, a world-famous theorist, mathematician, and logician. When he showed up in the States, he needed to leap through the hoops of getting citizenship, like providing and passing tests character witnesses– for which he picked Albert Einstein, since he was a huge follower in the philosophical concept of “go huge or go house.”

But prior to Einstein might pimp-slap Godel’s documents away, he was witness to the theorist’s main citizenship interview. The discussion went completely great, however at the end of the interview, Godel delicately mentioned to the migration authorities that, throughout his research studies, he had actually discovered a loophole in the Constitution that might permit the nation to end up being a full-blown dictatorship. With the late ’40s not being the best time to question America’s commitment to liberty and democracy, Einstein needed to action in and conserve Godel’s ass. He was provided his citizenship, and neither Einstein nor Godel ever exposed exactly what this expected loophole was.

Of course, that nobody has actually handled to decisively determine the loophole may suggest that the story isn’t really real, or that Godel simply stated exactly what he did to be a badass. We choose presuming that rather of alerting individuals, Einstein and Godel utilized their science brains to make a time device and inform the Founding Fathers to cut that shit out.


The Constitution Could Make United States All Pirates

As we stated previously, the Constitution is not an especially breaking excellent read. There are great deals of dull parts about protecting liberty and not being good to black individuals. How do you make any kind of book more amazing? Include pirates, obviously! Pirates are the Hamburger Helper of literature, turning even the blandest of pages into something enjoyable and filling. If that’s the case, how have we missed out on that the Constitution currently has pirates in them? Price quote Article I, Section 8:

The Congress will have Power … to state War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules worrying Captures on Land and WaterWhen being a pirate wasn’t just a profession objective for creative seven-year-olds and Johnny Depp, #peeee

The Constitution was composed at a time. Pirating was a genuine profession, for which you just required a boat, a team, and a badass label to obtain begun with. Other than that pirating didn’t have a fantastic severance bundle, since if the law captured you, they ‘d cut off your head.

this theoretical circumstance , there’s no guideline versus the governmental and vice governmental prospects double-pinky-swearing in public that they’re going to change locations eventually throughout their very first term and simply, like, doing that. Just have both Coke and Pepsi on the menu. Why has nobody ever considered this prior to!?


Texas Could Be Split into Five States

Texas has constantly had a filled relationship with the remainder of the nation, in the exact same method that any state rich and big adequate to batter other state would. And Texas actually likes its self-reliance, armed insurrection and all. Like with any state, the individuals of Texas aren’t able to tear up the rest of America. Thanks to the Constitution, they can wreck themselves.

As it ends up, Texas may have a secret superpower that enables it to divide itself into numerous smaller sized states and irrevocably screw the Electoral College . All of it depends on integrating, peanut-butter-and-jelly-style, the Constitution with the 1845 Joint Resolution for Annexing Texas to the United States, the file which confessed Texas into the Union. In the constitution, under Article IV, Section 3 , Congress has the sole power to enable states to divide themselves up– which is how we ended up with Maine, Kentucky, and West Virginia. That was absolutely nothing however some old-fashioned gerrymandering. There’s truly no chance they’ll enable Texas to evacuate and leave.

New States of practical size not surpassing 4 in number, in addition to stated State of Texas and having enough population, may, hereafter by the authorization of stated State, be formed from the area thereof.

So without disturbance from those Washington carpetbaggers, Texas can break and go all mitosis up into 5 full-fledged states– “not surpassing 4 in number, in addition to stated State of Texas.” How would that assist Texas? It would not, however it would seriously injure the political status quo. That held true in the North-South department days (providing more votes to the pro-slavery part of the nation), however it’s still real today. No one can totally forecast which method these theoretical brand-new states would vote if they all of a sudden turned up, so the resolution has generally provided Texas a weapon to hold to existing ruling celebration’s head and state, “Do you feel fortunate? Do ya, punk?”

The closest that Texas has actually ever pertained to separating itself remained in 1847, when Henry Van Zandt (the male accountable for the “4 states” stipulation to start with) ran for guv of Texas on the sole platform of separating the state. Since he passed away of yellow fever that his strategy was never ever brought out, it’s just. The remainder of the efforts to set off a #Texit have actually been less expert. In 1852 and 1868, there were propositions to divide Texas in 2, however those stopped working since neither side wanted to quit even the smallest sliver of Texan identity to the other (“Which state would yield the symbol of a single star?” “Who will quit the bloodstained walls of the Alamo?”), and even find out where to draw the separation lines. Mainly, the guideline assists Texans feel crucial and huge while most likely never ever having the ability to pull anything off anyhow– and we have a slipping suspicion that was Congress’ strategy all along.


Surprise, Slavery Still Exists

One of the most popular conspiracy theories out there is that the federal government/ deep state/ George Soros are working to remove away all our rights, lock us in detention camps, and offer us into slavery to corporations. It’s a charming concept, however there’s something these effective ne’er-do-wells have not thought about: The Constitution of the United States will stop them.

Except that it will not, and it isn’t really. As the majority of us understand, slavery was planned to be eliminated by means of the 13th Amendment , which specifies that “neither slavery nor uncontrolled yoke, other than as a penalty for criminal offense whereof the celebration will have been appropriately founded guilty, will exist within the United States.” In concept, the modification makes slavery as dead as the Confederacy. In practice, nevertheless, it’s as alive and kicking as the Confederacy.

It all depend upon this little stipulation: “other than as a penalty for criminal activity whereof the celebration will have been appropriately founded guilty.” While the Constitution makes damn sure no “innocent” soul is taken into chains, it’s an entire various principles video game if you’ve been founded guilty of a criminal activity and sent to prison. You end up being a cog in the prison-industrial complex– a significant earnings stream of for-profit jails where detainees are required take part in work programs . Detainees should either assist run the jail or “take part” in a convict-leasing program through which corporations such as Whole Foods and Victoria’s Secret (amongst others ) can obtain prisoners to do tasks that many people would normally require to be spent for. Oh, and the prisoners do not get an option. If they’re clinically in shape, they need to work under the hazard of being put into singular, and you understand that’s just since guards aren’t enabled to whip individuals any longer.

” lose an essential labor force.” Take your choice. Or get a detainee to do the selecting for you. That’s exactly what they’re there for, obviously.

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On the off possibility you’re pondering law school, let us inform you, Constitutional Law is one heck of a class.

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