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10 Summer Activities On Long Island 2015

10 Summer Activities On Long Island 2015


http://longislandreport.org/going-out/10-summer-activities-on-long-island/20086With school coming to an end and warmer weather approaching, Long Island provides many activities from beaches to the wineries to the outlet. For both outdoor and indoor fun, here are 10 suggestions in Long Island to try out.

1: Explore Wildlife: Get up close and personal with extraordinary wildlife. Try the Elizabeth A. Morton National Wildlife Refuge in Noyac, which allows visitors to see various bird species such as fish eagles and terns. There are seven different refuges, about 6,500 acres in size that span across trails of grasslands, ponds, saltmarsh, beach and lagoon to explore and take pictures of the vast wildlife present. Family Friendly: Yes. Price: Different entry fees depending on what mode of transportation taken. Ranges from $2 – $25.

2: Golf: There are 61 public golf courses on Long Island, 20 in Nassau County and 41 in Suffolk. A public golf course on Long Island can cost up to $65, depending on the day of the week. The Montauk Downs State Park Golf Course holds low fees for New York residents, with a round of 18-holes being at most $48. Family Friendly: No. Price: $17 – $48

3:Ocean Living: As an island, Long Island is surrounded by water, thus giving the island plenty of beaches. There are large beaches such as Jones Beach in Wantagh, and the beaches located in the Hamptons on the tip of the island. There are also towns such as Southold which has many park district beaches. However, a permit as well as a parking pass is needed for these types of district beaches. Family Friendly: Yes. Price: Permits cost from $40 – $150 and $10 for vehicle beach parking.

4: “Wheely” Great!: Aside from leisurely rides, there are many different bike trail to take all throughout Long Island, 17 of them being promoted by “Bike Around Long Island,” a group of enthusiasts who promote biking and have identified routes. For a tour ran by a company, try group tours and activities from North Fork Bicycle Tours in Mattituck. Family Friendly: Yes. Price: $40

5: Take a Hike: There are over 100 places to go hiking on the Island. Try the Massapequa Preserve Greenbelt Trail through the woodland that surrounds a stream and travels from North Shore to South Shore. It will take you the the Massapequa Lake. The Preserve also contains a bicycle path that travels under the Long Island Railroad Bridge. Family Friendly: Yes. Price: Free

6: Hang with the “bay”: Aside from beaches, there are other different bodies of water that are made for outdoor adventures. Bays, for example, are smaller bodies of water that are enclosed by land, but lead out to the sea. This usually means lack of waves and strong tides. If wanting to do something different, go to Oyster Bay. Their Waterfront Center  includes activities such as sailboating, kayaking and taking a sunset cruise, all for an affordable price. Family Friendly: Depending on the activity. Price: Ranges from lesson to rentals. $300 – $900.

7: Take a “Paws” With the Animals: Get to see animals and fish at a place like the Long Island Aquarium and Exhibition Center in Riverhead. Not only are there fish and other aquatic creatures such as sharks but there’s also butterfly and monkey exhibits. This Exhibition Center strives to have visitors acknowledge the importance of marine life and environmental preservation while creating an educational experience. Family Friendly: Yes. Price: Children under 12 and seniors over 65 – $20.50. Adults – $25.50.

8:Get Creative: There are many art crafting centers on Long Island for those wanting to try something different. Visit the Earth Arts of Long Beach, where anyone is able to paint pre-made ceramic pieces. There are also opportunities to go to craft fairs all over the island throughout the spring and summer season. Family Friendly: Yes. Price: Children parties will go vary form $325 – $425. Other events can vary from $25 to $45.

9:Visit the vines: Many do not know about the original history of vineyards, once created for the crop of potatoes. Since then, vineyards on Long Island started in 1973 and have expanded greatly. For those 21 and over, take a tour at the vineyards with companies such as Vintage tours, which are located in the North Fork; Greenport, Peconic and Cutchogue. Family Friendly: No. Price: Weekends are $99 per person, weekdays are $87.50 per person.

10: Visit a brewery: The island has a specialty industry with microbrewing, a limited-production brewery that typically produces specialty beers and often selling its products only locally.Beer is a popular drink on Long Island, given that there are solely 23 craft bars, and about 100 beer bars, plus many other restaurants and pubs that highlight beer. Long Island Beer Guide not only links to these beer breweries and pubs on the Island, but also give details about upcoming beer festivals and tours. Family Friendly: No. Price: Varies per events and location.

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